September 5th 2008 I decided to quit my job as CEO at Socialsquare for various reasons. Although it was difficult to pull the brake and leave a team of wonderful people, the instant feeling of relief and happiness proved it was the right decision.

Closing one door opens another. My husband Jacob Friis Saxberg and I have always worked with ideas for web startups. We have tried to launch them while having full time jobs, but this was not the road to success I can reveal. So after returning from a 4 months trip to Thailand with our kids back in 2007, we got this crazy idea to sell everything, cut expenses and move into our summerhouse in the north of Denmark - Skagen, to focus completely on our startups. We took the first steps in January 2008 but we cancelled the plans because I joined Socialsquare instead.

It did not take us long to resume our plans - to create simple & successful web startups - while dedicating ourselves to our two wonderful toddlers.

We have calculated the risk, if we don´t succeed we will have a dept but our whole life to pay it back, knowing that we tried and we had an unforgettable time with our kids. If we succeed - and we will - the sky is the limit. So what ever happens for the next 2 years it is a win-win. 

Also I have decided to enter my second matrimony with Jacob, joining Webcom ApS as a co-owner. Jacob founded Webcom in 1996, and has made online services for a decade including (sold to IDG Denmark in 2002). With our complementary skills - we are a perfect match. The strategy is created and so are the todos.

Look out for our firstborn in February 2009 - it is coming to a browser near you!