The 140 Characters Conference - Start spreading the news in old New York!

While jumping on a plane to New York with 20 hours notice, Sinatra's song “New York, New York” just wouldn´t leave my mind. Everyone in the Twittersphere was talking about this event, and thanks to an article I wrote for The Next Women, I won a ticket and was lucky - to be a part of it!

The 140 CC took place on June 16 & 17 on Broadway at the New World Stages, as many speakers noticed this was their first performance on Broadway, and it was indeed a fabulous show.

With over 70 speakers talking in 10 minute slots, there was a vibrant atmosphere encouraged by the difference in topics, speakers and scenery. I tweeted the highlights from most sessions, and thanks to those tweets I can separate the speakers from each other. This event proved once again that there is at least 140 different ways to use Twitter, and it is up to you as a user to unfold this potential.

Some of the headlines were:

The Power of Passed Links and Earned Media Fred Wilson @FredWilson - VC and principal of Union Square Ventures:

- Links is the currency of the Internet

Marketing for the eavesdroppers in the tridimensional conversation Liz Strauss @lizstrauss - Strategist and presenter of Successful-Blog:

- Was there ever a conference as this about the telephone - are we getting to precious about our tools?

The effect of Twitter on My Business Marcel LeBrun @lebrun - CEO, Radian6:

- Line up for your customer, instead of your customer lining up to you.

- What are companies doing wrong? One way thinking - pushing their message out without understanding the media.

Twitter as a News Gathering Tool Ann Curry @AnnCurry- News Anchor on NBC's Today Show and host of Dateline NBC

- Thats why I use Twitter, everything I can´t get out on TV I make sure to get out on Twitter. My followers are my newspaper.

- Our mandate is this: Whether you are in Tehran, Kosovo or Congo shoot that story as if it were your mother father or sister.

- I think of Twitter as of what ever you want to make it - two way broadcasting.

Robert Scoble - @Scobleizer: -Turned on CNN for Iran news but they showed trivial TV shows. Has CNN lost some since not affected by a disruptive force.

What we are learning Jeffrey Hayzlett @JeffreyHayzlett - Chief Marketing Officer, Kodak:

- Few years ago we had Chief Blog Officers - now we have Chief Listening Officers.

- Don't ask what is the Return on Investment, ask what is the Return on Ignoring.

Twitter, the media and chaos theory Bronwen Clune @bronwen - CEO, Norg Media.

- Chaos theory, making order from random information - that is what Twitter does for us.

How I became a twitter character - rules of engagement Hjortur Smarason @hjortur - Editor in chief Co-founder:

- When Fidel Castro can express himself in 140 characters - then Twitter has peaked.

You can see more tweets from the event by searching for the hashtag #140conf on Twitter or see my tweets from June 16th. on @nfsaxberg. I wrote a 140 CC report from the event for The Next Women “The 140 Characters Conference in New York - Welcome home Tweople!” which covers further details from the conference.

After 2 days I was ready to leave this amazing city, with the pleasure of meeting several fellow and follow tweeters - finally in face and even though we had unlimited characters to express our selves, somehow we only needed 140!