New Media Days Launch

We launched Gignal in closed Beta at New Media Days on November 9-10, 2010. 800 participants, 2 days, 3 locations - all around and about New Media.

This was an excellent case to launch since we had the opportunity to present and aggregate from more locations, all the social services that we support, on physical screens at the event, on Gignal's site and through our widget on New Media Days website with their custom design.

New Media Days Testimonial. For New Media Days Gignal was far the best way of visualizing a combination of social media services. It was an easy way to keep track on how the audience felt about the speakers, the food, the venue - and prevent problems, making sure our audience had a great time. At the same time our audience and people watching from home, could stay on top of the information flow - knowing what the fuzz was about at every single stage. - Didde Elnif, Head of New Media Days.

Gignal event analytics.

New Media Days online stream, featuring check-ins, tweets, photos and video.