There Is No Past & No Future - There Is Just A Stream

So said Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick from Wired in June 2011, and we certainly agree! But what is it about the stream, why do we follow it daily on our devices and where will it take us in the future?

We are constantly exposed to tremendous amounts of data across our social networks, when friends and followers distribute pictures, videos, links and messages. The only way we can qualify the content is by scanning it briefly, deciding what message in the stream will get our attention, while the rest will be lost and forgotten forever.

But that’s how we navigate through the flood of information - the stream is constant but our attention is random. We screen, we pick and we participate when it makes sense, and ignore the rest. True qualification of content still depends on humans cognitive skills, no algorithm can replace that - yet. Until that happens, which might take a while even in Internet years, our remedy is the stream. One of the big challenges in data qualification is that robots cannot anticipate what an individual defines as value, nor which topics will be relevant to us tomorrow, because algorithms are based on our actions in the past, which doesn't necessary lead to our behavior in the future. This gap in technology leaves the need of a stream for us to follow, engage and interact with others.

That is why we are building Gignal. We want to make a stream that amplifies peoples voices and images from events. We want to give any person online, access to any event they want to witness through the eyes and thoughts of the people physically present. Gignal takes the physical atmosphere online in a shared world based on a shared experience.

We are not inventing a need, we are just supporting what people are already doing when their favorite football team scores a goal and when they win a match - they roar with their mobile phone on social media - and we will echo that on Gignal.

The same reaction happens at basically any event where a crowd are sharing an experience. From festivals to world movements as the Arab Spring, where the world joined and supported the young people in the streets of Cairo. Instead of just following the content on Twitter or Facebook, we want to show all the real-time conversations surrounding an event and across social networks, giving our users a real-time experience.

So there is no past, there is no future and there is no end to where our stream will take us, engage us and entertain us - but we want to define it.