Get Your Buzz Out Loud

Search any given branded hashtag on Twitter from your favorite shoe brand, music band to your soccer team, and you will see people talking about it. Try to Google the tag or brand, and you will see videos, pictures from various social networks, posted by users, consumers and fans all over the world. Having conversations around your brand is what any company dreams of, but yet only few uses it for much other than support issues and marketing surveillance. Data is the currency of the web, and the more traffic you have the better. The problem is that most of the content produced by a global audience is spread across social networks, and not owned or utilized by the brands or events.

Gignal solves this in various ways. First we store the branded buzz, otherwise lost when it’s out of the social network cache. For Twitter that is a few days and Ftwo days and Foursquare 2-4 hours.?

Second we allow the brand to host audience conversations, so if you want to see what people are posting across social networks about Coca Cola, Superbowl or Radio Head, you go to their website to see the real time stream. This will also drive traffic to the brand website instead of to the social networks

Third we present the content in streams that engage and entertain, and more esthetic than the average stream. We also allow brands to use their design guidelines when setting up Gignal, to match their corporate identity.

And finally we measure, when people are posting content, what they are posting and how much content they produce on every social network.

This gives a brand or event the opportunity to amplify their buzz, by claiming it, hosting it and presenting it. People trust other people more than brands, so by letting customers tell other customers whats so great about your brand, or let them share their defining moments - trust is build, especially when it’s the brand that proud enough to buzz out loud!

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Photo credit: flickr/biccc