Does The Internet Make Us Stupid?


Brain research indicates that the brain activity of people using the Internet compared with people that hasn't been online, is very different. For people who haven't been using the Internet, the part of the brain that lights up is the long term memory. For Internet users, it is the short term memory and the Prefrontal Cortex - the RAM of our brains. The concern is that when being in a constant multitasking environment, you don't train your long term memory and concentration, since our memory is Google search and concentrating can be difficult with constant notifications from our phones, emails and social networks. Read the entire post (in Danish) on Mandag Morgen Blog.

Train your Brain So what can we do to train our brain? Remember to single-task, and concentrate like back in the days when you were able to read a book undisturbed. Scientists also recommends meditation, not only to increase our health but also our happiness and mental skills. Even though technology is creating some new challenges to how we should use our brains, technology is of course a big gift that also can support our mindful abilities.

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photo: Shutterstuck