To be or not to (b)equity

Rumor has it we have a crisis. Annoying for those who needs to sell their house (yours truly) just now. But I am sure that the folks that have been listening to us bragging about our risen equity for the last 5 years, probably are thinking, ha - now your not so cocky. I met with a (renting) friend who said, "I haven't been to a gathering for the last 5 years without listening to equity", so maybe it´s finally possible to talk about something interesting again.
And is it so bad, did it make us/me happy, better dressed maybe. The eager to earn money had a price - on what really matters. And the good thing about down-times are that you have to prioritize whats really important. And the up site to that is that it´s mainstream acceptable to be provident again. All the non-important stuff can be put away, and make some space for good (free) social time with family and friends.
So walking to work in my already old-fashioned boots, it´s somehow the same game that´s going on in the companies. Most companies are dismissing a lot of employees, using the down-times as an excuse. But is it not just a really good chance to prioritize expenses - while it´s mainstream acceptable? You can not open a newspaper without reading about mass firing - I bet it would have demanded a lot more explanation just 6 months ago. 
And I actually praise this development, because it´s when you focus on what's important, potential of opportunity rises - i.e innovation - and who can be an opponent to that?