Mentoring versus Coaching

Making a Mentorship site I better throw in my opinion of the difference between mentoring and coaching. Scientific research has not come up with a precise answer, so should I? The clear difference from my point of view is that coaches base their conversation on questions intended for the coachee to answer. Mentors will most likely ask good questions to, but they will probably spice it up with their experience, advice and introduction to their network.  So when to choose what. I have a degree in coaching, and I have tried both. I found coaching excellent for inner development such as overcoming stress. While mentoring has been ideal for professional development, and when I had a clear goal but needed experienced guidance, constructive challenge and hints on who to contact. The mentor does not necessarily need to be a precise match, but rather have a significant angle. 

And expect the same aspects as in life. Good chemistry is essential. Both parties must give ongoing feedback - to know your value and in order to improve. What did I do that worked, what should I do more etc. Without feedback the relationship will most likely die out.

Coaching and mentoring are generic. Mentors can benefit from the questioning techniques coaches use, in order to make the protégé think - not necessarily answer.   

But what makes mentoring amazing is that it is a relationship based on a non profit interest. The mentor will experience as much reflection as the protégé i.e. give and take. Finally this relationship can and will often become one of the most significant relationships we experience in life. 

Most of us remember a person that had significant influence in your life, being an extraordinary by listening, being present, respecting us, this character is often a teacher or family member. This is what Mentory can do for you, finding a mentor with these personal skills that matches our stage in life, making us grow - who can ask for more in a mentor.