Why a "Top 100 Women In Tech In Europe" list matters.

A dear friend texted me with a simple "congrats on the Girls In Tech listing". My answer while being ironically isolated with no wifi, in a rural hemisphere was "what - where". The good news turned out to be that I was one out of the "Top 100 Women In Tech In Europe", initiated by Girls in Tech London.

We are all suckers for recognition - I am no exception, so I was of course happy to be in the company of so many fine ladies, selected in 19 countries across Europe. But the thrill that lasted longer and turned into this post is not my delighted ego, but the fact that Girls In Tech London bothered to put focus on all the great women, that actually are in tech.

But why is that important? For one, tech conference organizers often complain that it is so hard to find female tech speakers - well now they have a list of 100 to call. Second is the negative rhetoric often emphasized by a "Why aren't there more women in tech?"conference panel - well if this is top 100 and the top of the ice berg, maybe we should rephrase - here are some of the many savvy women in tech. Third and last (for now), common awareness of women in tech, might spread so more human beings with two X chromosomes, gets an urge to rent out their living room on AirBnb - so they can bootstrap a startup.

Last but not least I want to thank Girls in Tech London for the initiative, for the jury who put me in such fine company, and last Mike Butcher for his support for women in tech in general and for his coverage of the list on Techcrunch!

And here is the list!

Post by Natasha

Photo credit: flickr.com/vestman