Debating #FBrape on DR2 Deadline



Last night I was in a panel with 2 savvy people, Anna Ebbesen and Timme Bisgaard, talking about #FBrape on the Danish national television station DR2 Deadline. We discussed Facebook's lack of proper action, until they felt the pain of loosing their "paying customer". This is not about feminism, this is about humanism. No species on this earth has deserved to be humiliated in the way we have seen with the #FBrape memes. I am glad Facebook finally reacted, but it was to late, and the timing made their motives questionable - after 16 advertisers withdrew their ads. We have come some way on equal rights, but there is still a long way before women are equal in our rhetoric, and in the kind of hatred that has been tolerated for years, as we have seen in this case.

All we have as users and brands online is trust, and Facebook lost some of that on this case. I hope they will do what they can to restore it in the future, based on the right intentions. I hope we as societies, friends and families, makes sure our daughters wont face a future where misogyny continues to be a part of their social inheritance.

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