Final count down - Launching Mentory 02.02.2009

Do our users understand this feature, does it look cool, how do you translate Dashboard to Danish, have you solved the bugs - This is just a part of the conversation Jacob and I had Sunday night i.e. launch night. You never ever get finished - and if you do, your service is probably obsolete. With that in mind I am proud to present -! Almost 2 years of work has come to an end - or rather a beginning. From getting the idea, defining the concept, designing the user interface and developing the website, we are finally ready to welcome our users. 

Our ideology is user oriented, because without our users we are nothing. We have had 2 iterations of user tests and we have learned so much every time. We know our baby to well to judge it, so your opinion is necessary.  
My hope is to facilitate as many mentorships as possible, in order give everyone the chance to have a role model, that can help them achieve their goals. And the greatest gift is in fact to give. We hope our future mentors will experience the side effect of engaging others - you can not avoid to grow as well. 

But as I started out stating, this is the beginning. We are in phase one, a lot of features are in line - just waiting for you to demand them and give us feedback on future development ideas. But the most important feature is content, and that can only be created by You! so get on board - the more the merrier. 

I am really proud finally to share and show my passion, but the creation of Mentory was only made possible thanks to a great teamwork with my husband Jacob, who has worked day and night to make this happen. And all the great feedback from our test users, which we hope to get so much more of. So this is it - hope you can use Webcom Labs firstborn service, to cultivate your potential! 

We welcome you to Mentory - your participation our passion.