On Deadline Talking TEDxCopenhagen

On Deadline Talking TEDxCopenhagen - with Jakob Silas Lund, founder of Play31. http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/deadline-17/deadline-17-86#!/18:31

Watch Jacob's great speak from #TexCph - Using football to reconcile people torn apart by war.

And to any TED talk newbies, discover all the amazing speaks from around the world, surrounding TED's topics: Technology, Entertainment and Design.

NordicMeetup #3 co-hosted with TEDxCopenhagen

On November 30th 2010 at 7 pm NordicMeetup will take place at our usual venue – Ruby’s. We are proud to announce that we will co-host the third event together with TEDxCopenhagen.

This time we will facilitate the party and ask you to sponsor your own drink(s). Get your ticket at NordicMeetup - register now.

Looking forward to see you at NordicMeetup together with TEDxCopenhagen!

Cheers, Petra & Natasha

Event hashtags #nm3 & #tedxcph

P.S. NordicMeetup is sold out but - register for extra tickets.