Wanted! Game Changing Test Customers.

One thing we learned throughout the years building startups, is that the best product is build by iterations in close collaboration with real customers and real needs. We have now reached a point with Gignal where we deliver a social media billboard presenting tweets, check-ins, photos and video - from venues and events.

Next step is to add more value to venues, events and through that the audience. We have a clear idea of the direction, what we need is customers that will help us verify that we actually deliver a cure for their pain. While our customers help us evolve, we will also help our customers with:

- Become first movers by utilizing the latest technologies. - Enrich your venue & event, by monetizing social media buzz. - Spread customer case studies through our PR campaigns. - Branding as an agile and game changing business.

We need customers that either has a large venue or event, wanting to present a social media billboard for their audience, to entertain and enrich them, added with some secret sauce to be revealed when our first date is set.

Want to be our test customer and collaborate with us using the latest technologies? Please contact co-founder and CEO Natasha Friis Saxberg: natasha at gignal.com +45 23901797

See you at the launching pad!

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