Gignal 2010 - from startup limbo to company launch.

We are about to kiss 2010 goodbye, which is always a bit sad since time flies to rapidly, but it is also exciting to see what the new year will bring. For us 2010 has been a journey with detours, ups and downs, frustrations and thrills - a typical startup experience.

In January 2010 we made the first version of Gignal, because we needed it at NordicMeetup, which we co-organize. It actually looked very similar to the interface we have today, but not as stable and with less services. We took a heavy and costly detour by focusing on music events, but choose to trust our gut feeling and turned our effort back into tech conferences, where networking, sharing, dialogue and gadgets are key. In November we had our first conference launch at the New Media Days conference, followed by a Journalist Festival and TEDxCopenhagen. It was a much needed thrill to see 9 months of work in action, and to get positive feedback - a true energy boost.

In December we took Gignal back into the lab to focus on the lessons learned in November, adding more core value to our product, for conference organizers and participants. But the hardest part was to decide when enough is enough, and focus on wrapping Gignal up, with what we have for now. And from a developer perspective enough is never enough.

So though we are not close to provide our final vision with Gignal, we are very close to launch our first public version. We can now provide a generic tool, so you can create, aggregate and present your event, from geo-tags and tags, on Gignal’s site or your website and on physical screens. You can integrate our widget on your website, with your own custom design. And if that is not enough you can access our API and do your thing from there. We also offer event analytics, so organizers can learn and optimize their event based on online user behavior.

And due to the Christmas spirit we are wrapping Gignal up, by baking a new design, which we expect to take out the owen very very soon. But what we look most forward to experience in 2011, is going from a garage bootstrapping mode into a company state of mind, selling our service, being sustainable, and thereby continue to proof that we support a need, and that we actually make a difference to our stakeholders.

So that’s it for now folks - we look forward to feed you with much more event candy in 2011.

All the best New Year wishes from team Gignal!

Konfect le launch - cross network connect

konfect Today we launch Konfect - a service that makes it easy for you through one interface, to find, explore and connect with people across your communities. Search by entering the persons common username, profile link or real name, and Konfect will show your new contacts social networks.

The person you are searching for does not have to be signed up on Konfect. As long as the persons social networks uses friendly microformats, Konfect can list the services used by that person.

The idea came from attending conferences, receiving numerous names and business cards, with the need to convert your new contacts into online connections - leading to the name KONFerence connECT.

Konfect is solving the problem of finding a contact on multiple communities. Before Konfect you had to search for the person on every single relevant community, or go through pages of Google search, either way time consuming.

Konfect has been in closed beta since September 2009, and with our public launch we offer easy search and connect. Konfect is produced by Webcom Labs, which plans more convenient cross-network features in the future - and to speed that process up, we are in the search for funding.

We launch in connection with LeWeb, making it easy for you to expand your network. I will be at LeWeb, if you want to meet or Konfect.