I work with Danish and international brands, building their digital strategy and business development from vision to execution. I have build several startups over two decades targeting B2C on a global market. I hold speaks based on my books and experience in the digital sphere, focusing on how to support human needs and behavior through technology.  

I look beyond the next product cycle, creating digital products, business models and customer experience supporting strategic goals. My core strength is to connect business opportunities with the digital marketplace and the trends that will define the future for consumers and organizations. My outlook is global with experience in scaling companies and products on the US market. 

I have been working on the edge of technology and entrepreneurship together with large organizations for two decades, involving the business internally to create change for customers and key stakeholders.   

My Work

My work as a digital strategist includes development of digital strategy and growth. The past two years my focus has been on digital growth development in a corporate setup as a "mode 2" organisation, working on the adjacent and new growth opportunities. The elements includes a new leadership & governance model, profit pool identification and development and merging "mode 2 innovation" into the existing corporation. 

Previously Anchor: Tech and The City & Tech News from Nasdaq. Program series about technology, trends and entrepreneurship in the US for a Scandinavian audience. Produced by jyskebank.tv.

Entrepreneur and founder  of several SaaS startups including Gignal - A social media billboard. Presenting social media buzz across social networks, shared by an online audience talking about your brand or event.

Digital advisor and speaker - around and about digital media and entrepreneurship. 

Author of
Homo Digitalis - people and organizations, from science to digital practise. Publisher: Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, 2013.

Twitter! Mass communication with 140 characters.Publisher: Libris, 2009.

Nominated on the top 100 list of most influential women in Tech in Europe