Open office landscapes - hip or hopeless?

A few years ago I was participating in creating a open office at work. It really looked nice, everyone could see each other and the thought was that we should change seats every day, in order to meet new colleagues. I must admit, being an extrovert person, it was really hard for me to concentrate on my work. People didn´t hesitate to disturb me, and I discovered it was impossible to get work done. So I ended up answering mails and taking my work home instead. I actually thought it was just me struggling with this way of working. But every time I talk to my friends or other people in my network about this issue, everyone states the same. They hated this way of working, they couldn´t concentrate, they got more tired from constant interruptions and they ended up working at home. The argument for working in these environments would be transparency, knowledge sharing etc. But it seems like people are more focused on concentrating so they really try not to pay attention to the talk around them, witch shoots down knowledge sharing. So I must conclude from my little market analyses, that unless you work as a stockbroker, in a sales team or other types of business where the buzz makes you productive, open office landscapes are no longer hip, but rather hopeless!