Mentor me please!

Some time ago I decided I would like to have a mentor, to challenge me with my professional life. I asked my husband Jacob, who he would recommend if he should choose one! I new I didn´t want someone who knew me already, since this could interfere with the process if there already were impressions from the past. Jacob pointed out Christian Ørsted. I contacted Christian and he agreed on meeting me. He was surprised being mentor material, but this only showed he was a humble person, witch was positive in my opinion. We set a date, and I was really excited to meet him. We found a cafe and I introduced my expectations and goals. Christian was interested in spotting mutual interests, witch is given, since he wanted to be sure that he could contribute with his knowledge. We didn´t directly mention it, but the first meeting was of course a chance to see if we had chemistry. This is probably more important for the mentor than the protege, since the mentor has to get something out of the time spent. I asked Christian, what was in it for him, what was his expectation. He answers - energy. 1½ hour went really fast. We had a very interesting meeting, and it gave me a lot to think about. I picked up my kids went home, and i was loaded with a lot of ideas to follow but most of all - Energy!