My second mentor meeting

Normally I am not very fond of Mondays. But today was an exception. I had my second meeting with my mentor Christian Ørsted. Our first meeting was 1½ months ago, we primary got to know each other and decided to continue the process. I got a lot of ideas, links and book titles from Christian. I bought the books, checked out the links looked into the ideas and overall developed. I was quite busy a week before our next meeting, making sure I was following up on the process, showing Christian I toked it seriously. I know I wouldn´t have gone through with my assignments, if I only were obligated to my self. This is really a strength in the mentor relationship. You get things done. But be aware that its the protege that takes the initiative and sets the direction and goals, it has to be in order to succeed. Make it easy for your mentor to spend time on you and be present. Once again I went home with a lot of ideas. I had the feeling that Christian didn´t really know how valuable his feedback was, reflection is difficult to measure. The mentor relationship is a process, it has its peaks and i probably has its downs, but do not underestimate that, it might be at that point you focus and develop. Once again I have a lot of ideas and homework I must get into, and I look forward to our next meeting, making one more Monday merry.

Mentor me please!

Some time ago I decided I would like to have a mentor, to challenge me with my professional life. I asked my husband Jacob, who he would recommend if he should choose one! I new I didn´t want someone who knew me already, since this could interfere with the process if there already were impressions from the past. Jacob pointed out Christian Ørsted. I contacted Christian and he agreed on meeting me. He was surprised being mentor material, but this only showed he was a humble person, witch was positive in my opinion. We set a date, and I was really excited to meet him. We found a cafe and I introduced my expectations and goals. Christian was interested in spotting mutual interests, witch is given, since he wanted to be sure that he could contribute with his knowledge. We didn´t directly mention it, but the first meeting was of course a chance to see if we had chemistry. This is probably more important for the mentor than the protege, since the mentor has to get something out of the time spent. I asked Christian, what was in it for him, what was his expectation. He answers - energy. 1½ hour went really fast. We had a very interesting meeting, and it gave me a lot to think about. I picked up my kids went home, and i was loaded with a lot of ideas to follow but most of all - Energy!

“Mentor” a buzzword?

I am hearing "mentor" everywhere. The government wants to give immigrants a mentor in order to integrate them in Denmark. The newspapers business section recommends leaders to get a mentor. Television has a show with people presenting there inventions and ideas to a board of mentors. Is it a buzz or are we just starting to see the potential of others experience. It makes sense, let me find one of my own so this protege can develop herself.