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Natasha is one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Her TEDx talk captivated our audience, stunning them to hang on every word with her sweeping vision of our species future with technology and her incredible personal journey. She delivered the talk with a grace and elegance that brought the evolution of Homo Digitalis to a formidable revelation.
— Doug Costello, Lead Organiser at TEDx KEA
Natasha is a highly professional, inspiring, intelligent and warm person to be working with. I had the pleasure of working with her at CPH:CONFERENCE where she was our host. She was very engaged and added a lot of value, personality and positive energy to the event. She worked very independently and did a superb research job. She presented the conference, its vision and speakers in an intelligent way that was “to the point” and proved strong analytical skills. As host she was charismatic, warm and inspiring, and I have had very positive feed back from both speakers and audiences on her performance. On a personal level I experienced Natasha as a very warm and positive person to be around. She connected very well with all our speakers, and was obviously very popular among them. Even though the deadlines were tight and I was extremely busy to be collaborating with, she showed patience and was very solution based. It has been an extremely positive experience for me to work with Natasha, and I give her my warmest recommendations.
— Tina Ryoon Andersen, Project Coordinator at SWIM - Scandinavian World of Innovative Media and CPH:CONFERENCE programmer
I had the pleasure of using Natasha as the moderator for the annual Mobile Media & Advertising conference in Copenhagen in September 2014.

Natasha gave the opening keynote and then served as the conference moderator for the entire day. She was great. Her knowledge of the industry is second to none. The presentation was outstanding.
She created a relaxed atmosphere, she addressed the speakers with relevant questions and the conference became a success
If you are looking for an outstanding speaker I strongly recommend Natasha.
— Morten Kamper, Head of events, The Association for Danish Media
Natasha is one of those rare persons who possess both a distinct knack for describing trends before they even become trends, and a progressive and business-wise orientation on how these trends apply to an organisation. She combines this with a professional and engaging talent for presentations and a intuitive and factual understanding of how we as human beings operate and lives with the newest technology. By far my favourite professional discussion partner
— Jacob Suhr Bisschop-Thomsen, Culture Hacker

Natasha Friis Saxberg has held speaks, workshops and advised us and our members of the Danish Finance Federation on the use of digital media.

Natasha’s support has helped us command the steps from the idea phase into executing strategic initiatives towards our members. Natasha has the ability to communicate a complex topic, in a way the audience can relate to. She has a profound knowledge about technology, trends and organizations, and her focus is integrating social media initiatives across the corporate departments based on the company strategy
— Susanne Grantzau, senior consultant Finansforbundet
Natasha has strong skills and experience as a business consultant with highly specific know how about internet solutions – usability for internet and social media. Based on her technical knowledge and experience I know Natasha is able to discuss and understand the specific challenges in any relevant dialogue with the customer. I also know she`s always well prepared and convincing in solving the needs of the customers to their best.
As a conference speaker and facilitator Natasha is a very professional business woman with an excellent strategic mind and a strong communication ability . Further to this, I guess she is highly respected for being a good and loyal adviser and last, but not least: Natasha is always good company!
Natasha is well known also at the Norwegian market for her excellent performance as a speaker and communicator and for solved a lot of usability issues on different Internet and social media solutions. Natasha seems to be very creative, strategic and dynamic. She sees the whole picture and has the ability to easily get the overview in any project.” I wish her all the best, and give her my highest recommendations
— Morten Bakke, NLP Coach - Region Manager & Professional sales trainer at Moementum Kristiansand
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Natasha both in her role as Startupbootcamp Mentor and as a key driver of the Danish startup scene. Natasha is a consumate networker, she genuinely wants to help entrepreneurs and she knows what she’s talking about; she’s a gift to the Nordic entrepreneurship community.
— Alex Farcet, Cofounder & MD of Startupbootcamp - Smart Transportation & Energy - Berlin & San Francisco
Natasha Saxberg has been a trusted advisor for the Danish Ministry of Taxation in matters of social business.
Natasha Saxberg advised us about entering Twitter as a public organisation and helped in the initial phases of our now highly praised Twitter profile @Skattefar.

Before entering Twitter, we relied on Natasha Saxberg’s excellent advice, her deep insight in strategy and implementation, crisis management and communication, and on her expert knowledge on being a social business. Most importantly, she encouraged us to be human and imperfect even though we represent the Danish government. She taught us how to tweet, gave strategic input, inspired us on how to involve the rest of the organisation, and we adopted her mindset of sharing openly, showing profound interest in people rather than systems.
Not least, Natasha Saxberg helped saving the profile when the first severe mistake was made...

Now and again, we still seek her advice when unforeseen things happen or when we wish to further develop our social profile and conversations. She always gives good advice and new perspectives above the mere tweets. Inspiring, insightful, innovative.
— Majken M. Praestbro Innovation consultant at the Danish Ministry of Taxation
Natasha has in depth knowlede on social media and the digital platform. She can inspire with world wide examples and best practise, but also relate to the specific needs of the company to whom she is working for.
— Christophe Kirkegaard, Head of Communication and Marketing at LB Forsikring A/S
Natasha is extremely visionary, open-minded and strong thinker. Working with Natasha is always giving, insightfull and fun!
— Anna Frellsen, CEO at Maternity Foundation
I have worked with Natasha on the SCENARIO Magazine Trend Panel for a year now. And I love to work with her. Not only is Natasha very future oriented in her own field, she is a good observer in general - good at seeing how developments, digital breakthroughs and tendencies influence our perceptions. Natasha is an hardworking and committed person, but she manage to be 100% percent present at every collaboration.
— Christine Hoejlund Andersen, Communication Officer, Communication & Engagement at The LEGO Foundation
Natasha has an excellent command of the English language and as a public speaker, she cooperates, prepares and delivers above expectations. On top of this, her insights are profound and her presentation style delightful yet authoritative. As a bonus, you will enjoy her subtle and intelligent sense of humor. I highly recommend Natasha.
— Susanna Rankenberg, Rankenberg Com / corporate branding, social media & presentation